Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Love


"How did you meet?" A common question. You know the answer.
"When did you know he was the one?" Hmmmmm. Good one!

I could tell Big was a good one out of the gates. In fact, I remember the first date report including the words "actually really impressed."

Still, I struggle to think of the exact moment I knew Big was "the one." I do, however, remember the first time we discussed marriage. I was 20 years old and Big was 22 years old. We had been dating for two years (in college years, eternity). It was the day final exams of spring semester ended, and Big and I were both moving home for the summer that afternoon.

While hanging out in his room, Big blurts, "Do you think we're going to get married?"

Me: I don't know, what do you think?

Big: Yeah, probably.

Me: Yea, me too.

End of discussion. No big deal, just like everything with Big (one of my favorite things about him). Henceforth, the "plan" was to stay together.

Conversations on this subject continued, but increased in severity and frequency this year.

Our relationship was in a really good place. We'd always discussed waiting to get engaged/married until we were established in our careers. This occurred: I was really hitting my stride at work, and Big's career path was solid. Moreover, he'd just been accepted into grad school.

We both grew up.

We became more responsible with our finances, and less frequently changed into our party shoes. We found and maintained a balance that makes us both happier, healthier human beings. We learned how to make time for friends, family and personal hobbies/passions, as well as "QT" with one another. We support one another and share the same goals, values and priorities. Yes, we bicker, but we apologize and make up. We love, trust and respect each other. We are best friends.

I am proud of our relationship. Through the course of five-plus years, we've transitioned from a summer fling to a functional, non-dramatic college relationship, to a grown-up, meaningful partnership that has the backing of friends, family and, as far as I know, the Big Guy upstairs.

So no, for us, there wasn't one "A-ha!" moment; rather, a steady, balanced, happy relationship that grew -- and continues to grow -- over time.

What about you? Did you have an "aha"-love moment? Or was your experience more similar to mine?

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