Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's Get Organized!

The day after Big and I got engaged, I limped (remember, I had run 26.2 the day before) to Borders and dropped a whopping $27 on wedding magazines. (Naturally.)

My mom (MOB) was just as bad, but more economical. With a bachelorette party in Michigan the following weekend, I'd previously planned to be home the weekend after our engagement -- three cheers to showing off the bling to family and friends! By Friday night, she'd rented eight library books on weddings/wedding planning

I mentioned everyone is really excited, right?

One book that she checked out from the library stuck: Emily Post's Wedding Planner. From the Web site: "a step by step guide helps couples set priorities, track details and smooth the way. An efficient, hands-on organizer, Emily Post’s Wedding Planner has space for jotting notes on cost estimates, meetings, gift lists, and registry information and handy pockets for filing receipts, invoices, menu samples, business cards, proposals and mementos from bridal showers and parties." MOB gave it to me for my birthday.

I'm using the book as more of a guide than the "hands-on organizer" it's meant to be. Still, I've found the timeline and questions for vendors (like I know what to ask a photographer) helpful and enjoyed crossing things of our pre-made to-do list!

I also recommend Real Simple Weddings.


It's a cross between a magazine and a planning guide, as it features advice, as well as pretty pictures of weddings/wedding things. One of the best pages in that book is a flower guide that includes the most popular wedding flowers, their colors, how they are best used and when they are in season. This is uber-helpful to me, as I know I'll need to be creative with blooms given our December nuptials!

In addition, I picked up a larger-than-average accordion folder to organize contracts, business cards, photos, inspiration, etc. Tabs include wedding/pre-cana, ceremony, wedding party, bride (!), photography/videography, etc. etc. It "lives" in my closet in an oversized purse where I stow other wedding treats, a legal pad, etc.
Finally, I have a few fancy, high-tech bookmarking systems: 
  1. Starred" posts in my Google Reader
  2. "Wedding" Bookmark folder... one at home, and one at work
  3. "Wedding" Tag in my Gmail account for correspondence with friends and family, as well as vendors
  4. Dog-earred pages in magazines
What do you think (other than I'm a freak)? Thus far, I haven't had any problems and been able to locate information easily and, for the most part, maintained my sanity.

How are you/did you stay organized for the big day? What advice do you have? I/we need all the help we can get!

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