Saturday, February 27, 2010

Adventures in Invitations

Please allow me me preface this post with the following:
  • I know they are just pieces of paper. 
  • I know most will end up in a wadded ball in the trash. 
  • I know guests will attend regardless of how they look. 
Still, I'm having the most difficult time finding invitations that matches the look and feel of our wedding and is the price I want to pay -- especially since we're planning to max capacity at our venue (250 persons), i.e., we'll need at least 100 invitation sets.

Read between the lines: everything I like is hilariously expensive.

See Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

(Whoa blurry picture. Click here)

Exhibit D:
 (Source: Wedding Paper Divas)

I found myself feeling a lot like Goldilocks. Too much of this, not enough of that. Nothing that was quite right. Things were getting out of control. And Big kept saying some form of the following: "Are you STILL looking at wedding invitations" or "You've been looking at invitations for the past two hours?!"

I started to think, am I talented enough to design my own? Likely not. Could I find and afford a graphic designer and have them printed on my own? Probably, but where to start?

Enter Etsy. Oh, Etsy. How I love thee.

While perusing Etsy a few days ago, I noticed the "Custom" tab at the top of the page that directed me to "Alchemy." I present:

Alchemy is a space on Etsy where buyers can post requests for custom items. Sellers then bid on the opportunity to make the item and win the sale. It's your opportunity to collaborate with a crafter or artisan to get exactly what you're seeking. Buyers can even make private requests to a specific seller within a shop.

Oui! Oui! Oui!  

I can pick an "inspiration design," have an Etsy artist create the knock off and have them printed and cut it for pennies at the InstaPrinting store on the first floor of my building (yes, this has been confirmed!). Joy!

I'm feeling pretty smug about the solution I've found... and the money we'll save (slash transfer to other areas of the wedding)!

Which of the above invites do you like best? Or, if you have a suggestion for a professional and affordable graphic designer, I'm all ears!

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