Wednesday, February 3, 2010



For a good handful of days, I haven't quite been my happy-go-lucky self. I've been slightly grumpy. Tired. Annoyed. Irritable.

I'm sure most of this is due to the stress of planning a wedding and the life changes that come with it. But other factor are surely to blame. Could it be my demanding career and extra-curricular schedule that involves double-digit mile runs every weekend? What's more, it could be a few silent frustrations, general annoyances about people in my life, places and things, that I let crawl too far under my skin. As always, I could chalk my melancholy up to the weather, though I feel as patient as ever for spring. Either way, I've got that overall "off" feeling that's unfamiliar and unwelcome.

So what have I been doing about it? For one, spending a lot more time in the gym, burning agression during intense spinning classes or marathon sessions on the stair climber. Slowly working my way through a bottle of malbec. Thinking. Praying. Holding tight to my best friendships. For I know this too shall pass and, alas, it is. I'm starting to feel more like myself and sleeping better at night. Taking it easier on Big. Venting less, "letting it go" more. Seeing the silver lining. 

I have much in life to be thankful for -- beyond the basic food, shelter and warmth I take far too for granted -- I have loving friends and family. And I have faith.

Today, as always, that is enough.

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