Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brain Tumor Claims Another

After my dad died, it was years before I heard of a friend, family member or neighbor that knew someone suffering from or passed away as a result of a brain tumor. But that since that time -- and since beginning my marathon training began -- I've heard of learned about more and more about friends that have loved ones suffering from the disease: Ted Kennedy, a friend's mom, my running buddy's dad and today, brain tumor claimed the live of syndicated columnist Robert Novak.

The disease is undoubtedly tragic and becomes deadly quickly. My dad was sick for less than a year and half; Robert Novak was first diagnosed July 2008.

As I wrote in my initial blog post, running the Chicago Marathon this year -- for more -- is about more about achieving a personal best and rediscovering my love for run. It is a tribute to my late father and dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of individuals suffering from the disease, as well as their loved ones. This year alone, the National Cancer Institute is estimating that approximately 22,100 new brain tumor cases will be diagnosed, and the disease will claim the lives of nearly 13,000 individuals.

Today is a painful reminder that life is short. We must all band together to find a cure for brain tumors, as well as other diseases that claim the lives our family and friends.

On that note, please consider donating to Team TPM, the team I formed with my brother to run the Chicago Marathon and raise money to support the American Brain Tumor Association. Your support -- at any level, even just $1 -- is appreciated.

Thank you.

Donating to Team TPM Online:

1. Visit http://hope.abta.org/goto/teamtpm
2. Click on either Erin Serkaian or Greg Serkaian (Our team’s goal is collective, so it doesn’t matter who you choose!)
3. Click on Support Erin!/Support Greg!
4. Provide gift and payment information

Donating to Team TPM by check/mail:
1. Determine gift
2. Make check payable to ABTA/Path to Progress team, and include Team TPM in the memo line. (The later is very important to ensure the donation counts towards our team goal!)
3. Mail check to:
ABTA/Path to Progress Marathon Team
2720 South River Road
Des Plaines, Illinois 60018


  1. Hi, Chicago Runner Girl. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm also a Chicago runner in my 20s, who lost my dad in a car accident. You have a great, upbeat attitude, which is really refreshing to see. Good luck with the marathon! Also, I thought you might be interested in this 5K -- it's in Palatine and the proceeds benefit the ABTA: http://www.abta.org/upcoming_events/Bill_Heller_Memorial_5K_Run/Walk/192-1

  2. thanks for your feedback and for sharing info on the run! i won't be able to make it but am hoping to get more involved with local charity events.

    i am sorry to hear about your loss and hope you find running therapeutic, like i do! look forward to staying in touch!