Sunday, August 16, 2009

17 Miles... The Day After

I ran 17 miles yesterday. 17 miles. As in one-seven. Wowza!

There are many things that could go wrong over the course of 17 miles; I couldn't have asked for a better run. I felt great, experienced almost no IT band issues and ran and met with a new gal in the group -- we're even planning to meet for a run on Monday morning! The weather was hot and muggy and, due to Chicago's Air and Water Show, the Lakeshore Trail was more crowded than usual. But plenty of quick stops for water and good conversation pulled me through and, afterward, several of us runners headed into freezing Lake Michigan to use our legs.

And how to I feel today? Surprisingly, great! I mentioned I swore by ice baths in the path; now, I really do. I feel virtually no pain, stiffness or soreness in my legs - as if I could go run another 17! (Not really, but you get the point.) I'm encouraged and ready to take on 18 miles next week.

After the long run and savoring my scrumptious bagel, I headed to Diversey Harbor. A friend from Michigan was in town with his boat, and virtually no cloud cover made it a great day to watch the Air and Water Show. A small group of us watched the planes in the harbor before heading onto the lake. I've never seen so many boats in the water -- with some many dropping anchor, the lake itself looked a gigantic harbor!

By around 6:30 p.m., I started to crash on the boat, and when I finally returned home around 7:30 p.m., tried my best to find energy to meet up with friends. In the end, I just couldn't. B. whipped me up a delightful scrambled egg sandwich before kissing me goodnight before continuing with his Saturday night (like a normal person). I popped in an episode of True Blood -- Season 1 (I'm obsessed! But that's a subject for another post on another day) -- and fell asleep less than 15 minutes into it.

I'm absolutely in love with marathon training but, with all/most things in life, it comes with give and take. It's hard for those who don't live in Chicago to understand the difference between summer and winter here. In short, winter signifies boots, down jackets, cozy bars, movie nights and, at times, weeks without seeing friends because its too cold to play. In the summer, there's something to do every night of the week. From a walk on the lake to watching a Cubs game in the friendly confines or in a Lakeview beer garden to party dresses to alfresco dining, there's no better time to be out and about. While marathon training has cut down my "playtime," I'm happily satisfied with the trade I've made.

**Thanks to so many of you for your advice and wisdom about IT band issues! I'm on the mend, but not without your insight and support!**

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  1. Yay, way to go! I know what you mean about the give and take. I have to turn down my friends more often than I'd care to for the sake of training, but in the end I feel like I have a good balance of both in my life. Hope the next couple of weeks continue to go well!