Saturday, September 26, 2009

Catholic Guilt

Ever heard of it? Thought so. I have a tough case right now and need to fess up real quick.

I've neglected this blog quite a bit lately (understatement).

Keeping up a blog is much harder work than I ever imagined. I like to write -- I do it for a living -- and, while I thought I'd enjoy a putting finger to keyboard (?) a few times a week on something I enjoy, sadly, I found that the last thing I wanted to do after eight or 10 hours at the office was open up my laptop. On top of work and marathon training, I've become more involved in volunteering at my church and other organizations in Chicago this summer, further scaling back the amount of free time on my hands.

I considered for a brief period giving up this whole blogging thing; however, I realized how much I enjoy reading other blogs, particularly those written by people I know and especially those I'm not able to see on a regular basis. Via Facebook and blogs, I have a much better handle on where high school, college and other friends are and what they're doing than ever before and, in some weird way, I feel closer to them as a result of the virtual connection. In fact, I wish more of you guys spend time blogging. It's much easier to comment on a post or respond to a Facebook status update than sit down and craft a thoughtful e-mail.

Rest assured that I'll be back with more frequent posts soon! In the meantime, please accept my sincerest apologies! 

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