Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Donations Galore!

It's after midnight and I can safely say this is the latest I've been awake for more than a week. Ugh. A major project at work is forcing me to work lawyer-like hours (at least I can work from home?), but before I nod off for the night, I wanted to report that I raised more than $200 tonight at a fundraiser I held! A local watering hole, Vaughn's Pub, hosts guest bartenders each Monday, with 50 percent of proceeds donated to charities. Thanks to a group of supportive friends, a small group of rowdy regulars and softball leagues, the event was a success!

On top of this fundraiser, I'm also collecting my own change and socking away $5/week throughout my training. I'll contribute these funds to the ABTA just before the marathon. Though I'll be reaching out more aggressively to friends and family in the near future (be forewarned!), I also believe it's important that I do my part to raise funds.

BTW... I HATE asking for donations, so if you're interested in supporting me, click here, then click on my name and make your contribution. As always, thanks to everyone who is following me on this journey!

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